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Screams By The Sea is a one day event celebrating filmmakers, genre film, and all things spooky. 

The festival will be held on the 24th of Feb 2024. 

Through the festivals duration we'll show up 5 feature films from all around the world. The movies that Screams By The Sea is looking for are rated 15+ to allow more people to come and experience the thrill of a scary movie. 

The Festival will search and program up to 60 minutes of short films. It's important for us to showcase film in all of it's forms. Shorts are one big part of filmmakers journey and we want to give them a place to be seen. 

Talks, screenwriting competition and a large networking after party held in the pub next door will make Screams By The Sea the Festival to be at. Further details on screenwriting competition and programmed events will be announced on our socials. 

Full festival passes will cost: £22, and gain you access to the whole event. Ticket sales will go towards paying for printing festival passes, marketing prints, and the staff running the day. 

Tickets go on sale: 03/07/2023

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