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For being the best audience to entertain, laugh, and be scary with. We were blown away by the amazing support that our brand new international film festival had in Bournemouth. 

10th of February marked the beginning of something spectacular and very special, and we get to do it all of you. From the bottom of our hearts we say - thank you! 

Don't go far. Screams By The Sea will return shortly!😎

- Screams By The Sea team 


"Screams By The Sea" Film Festival is a celebration of independent horror & genre cinema hosted in the heart of Bournemouth,UK. We’re on a mission to discover and promote diverse & emerging talent. Screening 5 feature films & an hour of shorts that will keep film lovers on the edge of their seats as well as a series of industry talks and workshops for practical effects. Audiences will have the opportunity to see a glimpse of the film making magic & learn from seasoned professionals who have brought some spectacular creatures and characters to life!

Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth 10.02.2024

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The main stage will show 5 feature films, a short film selection, & an award ceremony in which the audience get the chance to cast their vote for the best film of the event.

In addition to our film screenings, networking event, & film making panels, we’re thrilled to host a screenwriting competition that will launch your horror story onto the big screen.

Full festival passes are: £24. That includes:

  • 5 Feature films;

  • 1 hour of short films;

  • Industry talks and Q&A’s; 

  • Screenwriting competition;

  • Audience choice award ceremony;

  • Filmmaker networking drinks at Sixty Million Postcards, organised by BH_Movies.


Day Passes: ON SALE NOW

Screams By The Sea is a sponsored member of Film Hub South West which operates under the BFI FAN Network.

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Murder Ballads.jpg

Murder Ballads: How to make it in Rock 'n' Roll

Director: Mitchell Tolliday

Writer: Neil Rickatson, Mitchell Tolliday

Producer: Mitchell Tolliday, Giles Alderson, Neil Rickatson, Bizhan Tong

Run time: 97 min 

Rock band Stack of Corpses need a hit song and everyone thinks they know how to get one. Band members BASS and DRUMS hatch a plan to steal a dead rock star’s song from under his widow’s nose. Lead singer BRIAN and manager LARRY think they have the answer too – turning to a Russian gangster for help. Caught in the middle is KEYS, a classical pianist who literally fights off the competition to join the band before realising how lazy and feckless they all are.

Through 6 chapters, interspersed with advice from rock legend RICHARD O’KEEFE, the band go from nobodies to superstars. But can they really hold onto their fame and how far are they willing to go to keep their secrets from coming out?

Watch me sleep.jpg

Watch Me Sleep

Director: John Williams

Writer: John Williams

Producer: John Williams

Run time: 90 min 

A man pays a company to install a camera on the inside of his mothers coffin, with terrible consequences.

I am monsters.jpg

I Am Monsters!

Director: Nicholas Vince

Writer: Nicholas Vince

Producer: Nicholas Vince, Stewart Sparke, Paul Butler

Run time: 71

The story of how a 6 year old Nicholas Vince fell in love with monsters and went on to play iconic monsters in Clive Barker's Hellraiser and Nightbreed. A one man show sharing personal stories, remembering the hardships of the beginning of the LGBTQ+ movements, and deeper exploration of 'Why we love monsters.'



Director: Andy Edwards

Writer: Andy Edwards

Producer: Andy Edwards, Rebecca J Matthews

Run time: 80 min 

A young woman celebrating her last night out in her hometown is stalked by a mysterious killer in a Mr Punch mask.

The film introduces Mr Punch,  the UK's first iconic masked-slasher and signals the arrival of a killer franchise.

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How to Kill Monsters.jpg

How to Kill Monsters

Director: Stewart Sparke

Writer: Paul Butler and Stewart Sparke

Producer: Cal O’Connell, Paul Butler and Stewart Sparke

Run time: 96 mins

The sole survivor of a blood-drenched massacre must team up with a rag-tag bunch of rookie cops and lawbreakers to fight off an invasion of monsters from another dimension. With a menagerie of
monsters released entirely with practical effects and buckets of fake blood and guts thrown in for good measure, HOW TO KILL MONSTERS will scratch the itch of genre fans craving a throwback popcorn horror movie that delivers thrills, kills and laughs in equal measure.

Short films: 

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